Saturday, December 21, 2013

Preparing for 2014

This year I will endeavor to:

Blog more: there was a time, probably during High School, when I blogged almost daily on Xanga. I have since abandoned, dare I say, deleted that blog and moved on to the Live Journal community. I didn't blog much about myself in LJ, but I did join comms for reading and interacting with brilliant people. I met one of my best friends there. Alas, that blog also went down.

I don't really hope for much with this new blog, I just hope to get off of Facebook--stop wasting time with inanities. I hope to post up substantial thoughts and pondering, I do love to ponder upon things. I usually blurb stuff on Twitter--who says one can't be poignant in 150 characters? I hope to post up more art work since it has been far too long since I did anything with my hands. I hope to post up more photographs, although I guess I have my Instagram for that. I hope to write more original works. Studying psychology hasn't really afforded me any insight to human behavior, but blessedly, it has afforded me the ability to understand my capacity to care, which says a lot.

I don't really know… I just want to post up parts of myself that I haven't let shine in a while. I know the statistic, only about 1% of people actually reply to a post

Get offline

Hug people

Go to museums: always a lovely guilty pleasure.

Express myself through art: painting, photography, and writing… I used to do a lot more things. It was a total lie when I convinced myself that I couldn't do art because of my studies. No, I just numbed out on Netflix, or Amazon Prime Instant.

Be more true: true to myself, true to people, true to the nature of compassion. Most especially, true to God.

So here's to the New Year. I will be suffering withdrawal, I think. But I that's understandable after I've spent the better part of the last decade plugged in. What is one year, right?

"Advance toward me, brethren."

Translation: Bring it.

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