Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poetics: Some Point Between Here and There

Some Point Between Here and There 
JG 2.914

I imagined a perfect life with you.
We would live in a loft;
I would prepare breakfast,
and you would gladly make tea.
A prayer for the day ahead,
and a kiss goodbye.
I'd be someone important at work,
and so would you.
We would live comfortably.

Then I realize,
This is my dream.
I realize--I don't even know you.
You say you want to live out of the city.
You say you don't drink caffeine--
Since when?
You prefer hard labor instead of the officework.

I am jarred.
I am repentant.
Did I take the time to know you?
Were we on the same page?
Did we have the same conversations?
I'm blindsided, and so are you.
What happened?
Really, what happened?

You had another vision--
Another dream all together.
Your personal values,
Your mores,
Your ethics,
beautiful in their own right,
are so different from mine.
I didn't get to know you well enough.
Yet, this isn't disappointing.

We are at a stall.
Actually, there is no 'we'.
There's you.
There's me.
Paths that were once parallel--
never really having converged,
and all the more diverging. 
Thank you for being you.
However, I still like what I see.

Poetics in the mind. There'll be more posted. 

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