Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NaNoWriMo day 7 - New set of vignettes and cleaning

I didn't write today, but I did brainstorm as I cleaned the house. I just needed to rest from the weekend. I felt good though because the next set to write is all about conflicts.

It seems to me that every weekend our house explodes. All the tidying done throughout the week is foregone because Sunday is a very busy day. I once explained to my co-workers in my previous job that I don't get weekends off. I do my "hobby-job" aka, Church.

Whether it's doing errands, picking up stuff, or mentoring. My weekends are usually filled with something. It's rare to see me home all weekend.

So, today was cleaning day. Ahh. I did a lot of organizing too. Yay!

As for writing, I am at a point where my characters are no longer children with hazy memories to recollect, but adolescents. The next few sets of vignettes will involve inner and external conflicts. The last vignette, the one with the first kiss, had conflict, which bridges the first few sets to the next few sets. As children, they didn't really have any cares... as teenagers...

AH. TEENAGERS. LOL Enter High School drama. Enter College drama. YAY!

So here's to the next set!

Exodus 34:21

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