Monday, October 31, 2016

NaNoWriMo Excitement and Plans for Next Weekend

I was planning to sleep late tonight so I get officially sign into the NaNo website at midnight. However, I've been having poor sleep the last few nights due to the excitement. Haha, I've tuckered myself out.

I figured that I wanted to be a "Pantser" which is to let my imagination take reign of the universe I'll be creating. My NaNo planning was all logistical. I've set my writing schedule and filled up on snacks.

I did do some minor character and plot planning, but I'm not sticking to it as I really want my experience to be organic. I have a post-it with a few character names. I've got a post-it list with character themes I want to write about. I also decided the rough breakdown of story/vignette length for each character.

All decided, however, I'm not going to hold fast on anything. I am just going to write as much as possible within the next few days, hoping that my weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts will be restorative.

The out of town trip is a business trip, much like my trip to Westchester a few weeks back.

Psalm 100:5

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