Sunday, October 16, 2016

Super Saturday - Schlepping Myself to Mt. Kisco

Today, I attended my first Regional Event for Shaklee. Super Saturday, they call it. One of the key speakers is Les Wong, who has been with the company for (about) 40 of the corporation's 51 years.

Let me begin by saying this: I woke up at 4 blood AM so as to not miss the 7 train to the City. But because I didn't want to walk to the subway, I took an Uber to the Grand Central for the Metro North. I arrived earlier than needed--a whole three hours early. I was taken aback by the temperature, it was fridged, winter-like.

I met up with my business partners and we drove to the location. I got meal bars and got to sample other products. Yummy.

I am super proud to be a part of a health and wellness company that has a history. Their products are scientifically and rigorously tested--127 peer-reviewed and presented studies! The first product, which has evolved in different iterations for specific health needs, is over 100 years old.

I want to be a part of that legacy!

Having used the products for a few years before dedicating myself to the business, I completely stand behind it. I can't wait to let more friends know about it. Health is wealth after all, and I don't want people I know, respect, and love, ailing from preventable diseases.

For my readers--if you feel that you've not the energy, or want a life change, I implore you, give Shaklee a chance. You will feel the difference. Energy. Happiness. Vitality. Then it'll be a cycle of positivity!

If you want, my website is: Experience the Shaklee Excellence with me! I'm on my turnaround--health and wellness journey. Commit to one month!

I love my Shaklee family. Super supportive, open, and great energy! I love what I do, and I love the goals I'm on my way to accomplishing!
Feel free to ask me more questions. My contact is within the website, or PM me. 😃

Proverbs 17:22

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