Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Being Frivolous - Social Media, Crushes, and art

I have a funny relationship with social media. I like to study it. I also like to observe how people interact with it. I believe it can do a great service to humanity, and alternatively, it can do irreparable harm.

I can go on about that, but I just wanted to talk about my "Instagram Crush". Back when I was a teen, we had--dare I say "legitimate"--celebrity crushes. James Franco, Zac Effron, and Hayden Christensen. Social media has blurred the lines of "fame", wherein we all have platforms and the efficacy of exposing oneself leads to a stronger viewership.

It doesn't hurt to be pretty. (Or undeniably creative/talented).

Anyway, my Instagram crush. Funny story actually. I was looking through the "discover" section on the mobile app. I saw this lovely painting. It truly resonated with me and I tapped to view it. The secondary realization was that the artist was good looking. However, when I finally got into the album/page, I was floored.

This dude was super easy on the eyes (to say the least). He was also creative. Something I'm always drawn to. Further, the caption on his artwork spoke volumes about his character.

I hit the "follow" button so fast. LOL

I just wanted to end on this note: I was checking my feed one day and I saw one of his (art) pieces. It was a color pencil drawing of an anatomically correct heart in a person's hand. I believe it was posted on Valentines day. His caption was equally as interesting. I was so awed by the piece I showed it to my mom.

My mother isn't really into art but she appreciates it. When she viewed the piece she was in raptures. It captivated her so much that the very next day she asked to see it again and we had a discussion about it. It's also pertinent to say that she's a nurse and worked in open-heart surgery for years. Haha.

Kudos, sir, for what you did for my mom. Your art inspired a discussion. ❤️

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